Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My first good use of Dandelions

We all have them in our yard adding to the charm of the grass, dandelions. My kids love to pick them and bring them to me, stain thier clothes and get very upset when they wither even when we put them in water. I must admit I don't like them, but it gives the kids so much joy that I let them. I was so excited when I found this craft on simple kids blog . Not only do my kids love to paint it gave a good purpuse to all the dandelions in yard. Right now we really do have a dandeforest in the back. The girls had fun making these and we are going to send them to all the grandmas for mothers day this year. Very cute and easy.

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Erika said...

We have a dandeforest right now to, though I think they just all went to seed. I think I will try your little project next time the lawn fills w/ yellow ;)