Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Kids and Dirt

After my son was born I heard many well meant laments about boys and dirt. I mostly shrugged these off for being cute little girls my two are ready and willing to get down in the mud and have a blast. However, I don't know if should have disregarded the others so easily. C has proved to be a dirt magnet finding it in places I didn't know we had it. When I dug the holes to plant our tomatoes he crawled in the hole laughing. He thinks the flower pots are his personal playground and the sandbox is an amusement park. I told Gunar that he will be spending the summer naked in the yard if we want to keep any clothes clean. Needless to say when I take a shower my feet are exfoliated by all of the sand at the bottom of the tub. C, however, is not the only child that likes to get dirty. K's favorite new sport is worm hunting. She'll dig them up in the yard and move them to the garden. S just want to make mud pies and cakes, C is happy to taste test them.

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