Monday, April 26, 2010

Lessons in Stewardship

I am always looking for ways to teach my children about God. This year I used earth day, no I am not a tree hugger nor do I consider myself "crunchy". However, I want to be a good steward for the Lord. He has given us this earth to garden for Him.

It was time for us to plant our seeds for the sunflower garden the girls wanted under the window of their room. We used everything from old yogert containers and tin cans to grapefruit halves(we are going to try and just pant those into the ground as compost). While we were planting I spoke wiht them about reusing these things rather than putting them right into the recyling. We need to do our part to keep God's creation beautiful. In addition we are being good stewards of our money if not for the fruit and the old contianers we would have had to purchace pots for the seeds. Hopefully they will grow well so we can plant them in the ground in a few weeks.


Genevieve said...

Yay! I'm glad you're blogging again! We can encourage each other to keep it up (I'm personal-blogging at And of course, if you keep at it and decide you want a custom-made blog, you know who to call! ;)

Anonymous said...

And what a GREAT Mama you are!!! You never cease to amaze me!

Your mom-in-law